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CP Wheelchairs Donation by Kapnek Trust USA

There were many big smiles on the faces of children and their caregivers this week as children with mobility disabilities received CP Wheelchairs from Kapnek Trust USA. The donation was made possible with the generous support of individual donors in California.

Mrs Gloria Munhuhwei who looks after Defence Kapfudzaruwa, her grandson, said she was overwhelmed by the donation as she was developing chest pains from carrying Defence who is now 8 years old on her back. She expressed gratitude to Kapnek Trust USA and JF Kapnek Zimbabwe for giving her grandson the chance to be mobile. “This is a dream come true for me” she said.

The handover was carried out by a team of 8 specialist technicians from USA who worked tirelessly to make sure each child was fitted with a wheelchair specific to his or her needs. The beneficiaries were identified by the Children’s Rehabilitation Unit. The event took place at the Sally Mugabe Children’s Hospital from the 9th to the 11th of October 2023.

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