Diabetic Unit

The Oak Foundation

Diabetic Clinic
A grant of $8,340 from the Oak Foundation enabled our Endocrinologist, Dr Prisca Matyanga to establish a Paediatric Diabetic Clinic at the Children’s Hospital. The grant provided for training and support of staff, purchase of a computer and the provision of glucometers and insulin for families who are unable to secure these essentials. Childhood diabetes is serious and life-long condition, and the establishment of this clinic will significantly improve these patients monitoring and control and will enable good long term outcomes.

Life for a Child

Diabetic Clinic

Since the establishment of the Diabetic Clinic, diabetic inpatient care has been shifted from the High dependency/Intensive care units to a dedicated general ward. Staff in this ward are trained and retrained on clinical aspects of care. The clinic has also introduced family-oriented workshops that have greatly improved knowledge on diabetes home care.

A subsequent donation from an Australian-based organisation, Life for a Child, has further changed the landscape for children and young adults with diabetes. The donation of life saving insulins, glucometers, strips and Point of Care glycated machines is free of charge to diabetic children and young adults up to 25 years. This has lessened the financial burden to families and has brought better clinical care and outcomes to our clients.