Hospital Equipment and Supplies

Australian Embassy Grants

ICU and Medical Equipment The Children’s Hospital has continued to receive generous and ongoing support from the Australian government through their Direct Aid Programme. In 2021, the Trust received two grants totalling $77,530 for the procurement of ICU equipment including a ventilator, which can be used for both new-borns and older children, and two multiparameter monitors. The second grant provided 12 mobile multiparameter monitors, which will enable nurses to accurately monitor the vital signs of ck infants and children on our surgical and medical wards, 14 infusion pumps for the accurate regulation of intravenous fluids and 5 wall mounted diagnostic sets. This equipment will significantly increase the quality of care for seriously ill children in the hospital and reduce the workload of overstretched nursing staff through electronic monitoring From the Children’s Hospital Trust’s inception in 2014, the Australian Government has supported the Trust with a series of grants totalling $250,000 and has made a huge contribution to the health and well-being of children and caregivers at the Children’s Hospital. The Embassy, through its Direct Aid Programme also donated 100 caregiver’s bed-chairs, so rooming-in mothers, who previously had to sit and sleep on wooden benches, can now do so in comfort.

DRI – Container

In addition to the regular consignments of drugs, DRI also shipped a container load of Personal Protective Equipment for the Children’s Hospital. These much-needed supplies improved the safety and morale of hospital staff caring for potentially Covid positive children. The Trust would like to acknowledge the important roles of the Deputy Chief Pharmacist, Mr Gerald Nyamutamba and Mr Steven Gumins in facilitating this hugely beneficial partnership with DRI.