Neonatal Unit

Chairs for Neonatal Unit

Treehouse funding of $4,444 was utilized for the purchase of 20 cushioned chairs for mothers of premature infants preparing for “kangaroo care”. This contemporary method of caring for premature babies by nursing infants on their mother’s chests with “skin to skin” contact, effectively replaces the need for incubators for warmth and promotes breast feeding. However, full time kangaroo care can only be carried out once the premature infant has stabilized and can breast feed. As part of this process prems, who require oxygen or are too small for full time kangaroo care, are placed on the mother’s chests for several hours at a time under supervision. Previously, these mothers had to sit on wooden benches while doing this and were unable to recline. The provision of comfortable chairs, which will permit the mothers to slightly recline, has greatly improved its implementation.