Ward Refurbishment

Ward Renovations

An additional grant of $11,000 from the Australian Embassy and a special grant of $25,000 from the Treehouse Foundation in October 2023 were utilized for the refurbishment of an inpatient medical ward (Ward B2), This refurbishment included 5x 8 patient sub-wards, a 4-bed isolation unit, procedure room, offices, bathrooms and toilets. The ward floors were tiled throughout, and walls and ceilings repainted. All bathroom, toilet, and door fixtures and fittings were repaired or replaced.

The Trust has made good progress in its objective to refurbish and re-equip the Children’s Hospital in 2023. With the support of donors, refurbishment has now been completed in all Departments of the hospital and in three of the four in-patient wards. Through the Trust, a local bank, Stanbic, has committed to refurbishing the remaining ward (B1) in 2024.