There are 19 projects.

The neonatal intensive care unit had not been functioning for over a decade due to equipment and staff shortages. The refurbishment of the unit was funded by the Direct Aid ... Read more
This critical facility last operated 15 years ago until he Aus-tralian Embassy and The Tree House Foundation supported its refurbishment. The lab is now fully operational again and provides crucial ... Read more
The supplies, valued at over $258,000, were distributed to the Children’s Hospital and Maternity units. This generous donation has helped to overcome some of the shortages currently being experienced by the hospital. Australian Embassy Grants ICU and Medical Equipment-The Children s Hospital has continued to receive generous and ongoing support from the Australian government through their Direct Aid Programme. In 2021, the Trust received two grants totalling SS77.530 for the procurement of ICU equipment including a ventilator, which can be used for both new-borns and older children, and two multiparameter monitors. The second grant ... Read more
A donation of $40 000 worth of Surfactant was made to the HCHT by the Health Partners International of Canada. Direct Relief International Drugs and Medical Consumables Direct Relief International (DRI) is a California-based organization, which provides free drugs and medical consumables to less developed countries. In 2021 DRI air freighted 10 shipments of essential and badly needed drugs with a total value of US$5,189,266, to the Children s Hospital. A portion of these drugs were shared with the Sally Mugabe Central Hospital and the Neonatal Unit. Read more
The new operating theatre, was conceived built and equipped by Celebration Ministries, has signifi-cantly increased the capacity of the hospital to carry out elective surgeries, saving the lives of many more children. Read more
Two of these were installed in the Burns Unit where the children are confined to bed during the lengthy recovery period. The others were placed in the newly refurbished ... Read more
DSTV has over the last 4 years provided free DSTV access for all of the television sets this enabled the children to watch all of the cartoon and educational channels available. Read more
One of the objectives of the HCHT is to support the on-going training of doctors and nurses and to encourage the development of sub specialization. Several projects in support of ... Read more
The Trust engaged the University of Sydney and the Westmead Children’s Hospital in Australia to develop a paediatric nurse-training course. In 2013 there were only 2 qualified paediatric trained nurses in Zimbabwe thanks to this course there are now over 40 This and other Professional development opportunities for nurses and young doctors have been supported by UNICEF and the Beit Trust Read more
The Harare Children’s Hospital Trust is working with the Wizear Trust to establish an audiology unit at the Children’s Hospital which will have the capacity to carry out hearing testing ... Read more
While it is world wide best practice that mothers, and particularly those who are breast-feeding, should be able to stay with their children when they are admitted to hospital, there ... Read more
With money raised by the welfare committee and individual donations, 2 playrooms on the children s wards were refurbished and stocked with toys, books and learning materials. Read more
A generous donation of $10 000 from a German couple, Mr and Mrs Thomas, allowed for the re-furbishment of a playground at the OI clinic. The playground has been a ... Read more
Hans and Doris Hertz made a generous personal dona-tion of $30 000 for a new mobile machine Philips Corporation, also contributed to the project by discounting the price of the machine by $8 000. Read more
The Beit Trust Renovation of Hospital Entrance and Pathway The Beit Trust, which has been a regular supporter of the Children s Hospital, gave a grant of 335,841 for the construction of a new guardhouse and entrance wall and pathway. These were in a very dilapidated condition and had projected a negative image of the Children s Hospital. The grant also provided for the refurbishment of the hospital entrance itself and the public toilets in the Casualty Department. This was the first stage of a project to refurbish the reception, casualty and outpatient departments ... Read more
The unit, which forms part of the Harare Children’s Hospital complex, provides therapy and support services to over 800 disabled children and their families annually. In keeping with the ... Read more
Many of the children who come in for treatment are not very well. The long waits can be gruelling on these little patients. The HCHT is raising funds to restore the rest rooms so sick children can wait in comfort. Read more
These lift patient’s moods with the positive power of hope and humour. Bring some light and joy to kids in hospital by donating now. Read more
We hope to facilitate the training of young Zimbabwean paediatricians in sub-specialties. This will be done in partnership with the African Paediatric Fellowship Programme. Embassy of Japan In December 2019 the Trust received a grant of S68,532 from the Embassy of Japan for the construction of facility tor large group education and training workshops. The intention is to construct an open but sheltered facility with adjacent playground where children can play and be observed while their parents or Caregivers are attending the workshop. Groups of 30-40 parents and children attend these workshops, which are ... Read more